Grace Claudio

I am a Puerto Rican woman from the Bronx, N.Y. I am the only Female Mechanic in my dealership. I am a Boxer who has competed in the ring.

Placed 3rd

in the Quarter-Finals

Thank you from all of us at Inked and the MusiCares Foundation for helping us provide health, financial, and rehabilitation resources to musicians in their time of need.

What was your first tattoo?

My First tattoo is a tribal design on my lower abdomen. I had this tattoo done at my ex-boyfriends, friends house and i was laying on his bed while he was tattooing me. Awkward. Oh and it came out crooked.

Is it true that getting tattoos is addictive?

Hell Yes. Every piece tells a story. I don’t regret any of my tattoos. It is a form of art and I can’t get enough of it. Every tattoo reminds me of a point in my life, a reminder of what I have been through and over came. Tattoos are such a beautiful thing.

If you were voted Inked Magazine's cover girl, what would you do with $25,000?

If i were to win and become Inked magazines cover girl i would be so honored and the $25,000 will go towards my dream of opening an all female trade school and boxing gym for women, mostly For Automotive at first and if it does well i can include other trades so women have a safe place to learn and excel.