Jax Spencer

If Los Angeles was a person, you’re looking at her .. ? (IG : @tattedvalleygirl)

Placed 15th

in the Quarter-Finals

Thank you from all of us at Inked and the MusiCares Foundation for helping us provide health, financial, and rehabilitation resources to musicians in their time of need.

What was your first tattoo?

Michael Jackon silhouette in moonwalk pose. I was 19

Is it true that getting tattoos is addictive?

I don’t think it’s the ‘getting tattoos’ part that is addictive for me, it’s the overall finished look when one part of your body is covered , your skin color is now ink .. its a beautiful thing , the journey is addictive to me, the vision of me in inked skin is addictive to me. I cant wait to finish my body suit!

If you were voted Inked Magazine's cover girl, what would you do with $25,000?

First thing is first , I would pay for the rest of my tattoo projects with my tattoo artist in a lump sum then prebook the rest of his year lol! invest in some solid stocks , then save a bit.