The Quarter-Finals

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I’m a singer, songwriter and musician in LA! I love to help others and spread positivity. I have a total of 48 tattoos (for now)!
Truly Blessed
My strength comes from my love of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & pole dance. I’m a SoCal girl that loves a perfectly grilled steak and a stiff drink.
I'm a kid at heart, and love animals more than humans! My free time is spent cuddled up watching Disney movies or painting.
Brave, driven, strong, honest, independent, bold, determined.
The cosmic bartender—dripping with ink, I paint the scene! To sing, dance & make art in ALL forms is the nature of my being.
I have always been a strong, independent and confident woman. You have to be strong in a world like this!
Strong Latina woman. Respected labor leader. Community leader. The voice of the underdog. Love to travel. Ink junkie. Union thug.
I am extremely outgoing and silly. I love riding bikes dancing and always am on the go. I love tattoos and plan to continue to get them!
Mommy of three i keep on pushing until I can't push any more ♡ life is exactly what you make it .
33 years old ... I love my family,tattoos,heavy metal and my cats!
Hey! I am 48 years old, bold, quirky, fun and a total workaholic- I own a fitness studio, student at ASU and live for the rush of it all!
I am too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful, and too determined to be defeated.
My husband and I have owned Empire Tattoo for over a decade. I love the industry, the art, and all of the different walks of life you meet!❤️
I am a strong, smart and independent woman that is wild at heart while walking to the beat of my own drum.