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A Rock Radio host in the Central Valley! Hearing that kick drum front and center of life's mosh pit is where I thrive best!!!
tattoo & music lover. motorcycle rider. traveler. mother. workaholic.
I’m a 4’ 11. Adventurous and love to take opportunities that help my life go in a positive direction! ? also a wannabe goth! ???
I'm a New York girl turned southern girl that just moved to Oahu (HI). You can usually find me lifting weights or exploring outside.
Im a hustler, I’m young ,wild &free and I work my ass off everyday for what I have. I’m dedicated, hardworking and I love a challenge.
Hi! I'm Jojo and many would say I'm quite the Firecracker. I'm spontaneous with a big heart and I have a sassy 5 year old mini me!
I strive to live a life full of adventure, laughter, compassion, self-love, forgiveness and to do it all with a bit of style and grace.
Inked Fire Breather/Instructor from Worcestershire, UK ??
I am a professional model, makeup artist, and my tattoo represents my journey with Crohn's disease. I am fierce, fun, and a fighter.
A hippie gangster—master of handling business successfully while maintaining mentality healthily. Versatile yet authentic, sweet yet savage.
I am a Summer babe! I am a Winter bunny! I love every holiday and every opportunity to spend with our friends and family.
I’m obsessed with Greek mythology
Something I go by is " A petty bitch sits & waits for shit to happen. A boss bitch works her ass off and makes it happen."
I’m a care free animal lover, my 2 kids are my world! My dream is to move to Africa and work with wildlife and rehabilitate the sick/injured
I’m very bubbly, outgoing, and I’m always down to be a team player. My style is a mixture of streetwear and gothic.