The Quarter-Finals

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I’m Stephanie; a 28 year old, fun- sized ink-addict. I have a dark sense of humor and if my heart was any bigger it wouldn’t fit in my body.
Sweet but twisted, fun Bartender I just love putting smiles on faces!
“What if, pain, like love, is just a place, brave people visit?” I don’t know who said it first, But I do know it’s what shapes us all.
down to earth, easy to work with, cute and bubbly woman with a sense of humor. i love my tattoos and am planning to add more!
Single mother, student, Alaskan raised, driven for success, a shadow in the dark people don’t notice. ♥︎
I’m A Boss Babe. A Classy Hippie Chick. Down To Earth, Outgoing, Supportive, Loving, Inspiring, Feisty, Brutally Honest An A Raw Badass!
I love tattoos and I love art, some people like to paint or draw on paper, I use my body as my canvas!
You could say I'm a late bloomer. 48 year-old mom who loves sports and nature, laughs a lot, enjoys making puzzles and geeks out on science.
Momma to a Rosebud. Lover of pizza, cheese and Wine- did I say I love cheese? ? - Didn’t go 20 !!! Follow on IG @gorgeousnightmare88
Hi! I’m Cheyenne. I absolutely love my pups more than anything!! I’m a fun-having extraordinaire. Love to travel and explore!
JJKel. I am a painter and tattoo artist. I’m extremely hard working & a powerful, free spirit. I am all about woman empowerment and art.
Tattoos, Classy, Hybrid, Fierce, Unstoppable
Tatted life
“Live out your true self”
I am passionate strong,woman,I live freely willing to be myself no matter who doubts me. I don't stick out to be famous or known,