The Quarter-Finals

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I am a family oriented hard working Mom and wife and tattoo artist at Tierney's Tattoos Inc. with my husband.
Hard working girl with a passion for aesthetics, Im a full time creative entrepreneur as an barber & cosmetologist. From NYC to LA all solo
Strong, passionate, fierce, loyal, loving, thoughtful, patient, kind, independent, driven, creative, artsy, bubbly, athletic, unique.
Transatlantic Brit with a creative, curious mind and a thirst for new experiences and adventure. You only have 1 life, live it!
I’m a multifaceted gal -dog mom, yogi, hiker, & fitness lover. I do my best to let my connection to source lead my way above everything.
Peace, love, music & tattoos
I’m a musician w/ an aggressive amount of competitiveness since I’m against a lot of beautiful women!
I express myself with my body art it is my story. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you courage loving someone deeply gives you strength”
I am 38 years old, a mother of three, a student, I love to live a healthy lifestyle and help people.
'Hey I'm Kat! I'm quite fond of tattoos, modeling and a good cup of tea. Help this Canadian become the next Inked Mag Cover Girl!
There's never a dull moment with me! You will most likely find me creating something. I'm all about trying and experiencing new things.
I am a 48 yr old single mom of three and own a muscular therapy business and a national qualified female bodybuilder.
I’m a tattoo artist in NJ. i learned how to be silly, badass, and look good doing it from my mom so I wanna win for her!!
My name is Alexis Willis and for the last four years I have modeled for various boutiques and brands across the United States.
I’m a 29 year old hairstylist from Philly. I’ve been getting tattooed since I turned 18 and all of my work is done by the same artist!
I am Art. Art is everything I breathe daily and through that it is important for me to bring awareness to mental health.