The Quarter-Finals

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My name is Amber Marie I’m from Las Vegas ,NV I’ve been working the Dental Field for the last 15 years, ? IG @ac_marie_ ?
I'm an outgoing, outspoken, loving bartender from Denver, CO. I have a 6 year old son who's my whole world.
Dakota from Prairie Island, Mnisota. Changed my life by returning to my Indigenous roots. 40 years old with 3 children.
Single mom to a special little boy with autism, just trying to make it in this one life I'm given.
Single mom of 3, work in outside sales for auto parts. Somewhat of a homebody with a spontaneous adventure side. Obviously, love tattoos.
Lover of art in all forms and looking for new ways of self expression everyday.
My tattoos represent why I am still here today. They have brought me light during my darkest days and I can only thank my artist Paul Marino
Mechanic in the USCG. Mother of 3 kids. Wife to an amazing man. "Be the reason someone smiles today, or the reason they drink..."
SOBER vox 4 Magg Dylan. I love & rescue dogs. “I’m a devil with a halo.” Life motto -if you see someone without a smile, give em yours.
I’m a 44yr old Nurse and Pro Boxer. Fiery, energetic, alittle crazy ? bold, dependable, hardworking, disciplined, loyal, honest and blunt
Books, tattoos and music: the only things that keep me going
Hi my name is Cindy, 38. I am a mother of two beautiful kids who are my whole world and the reason why I I'm trying out for this opportunity
Hard working Mama of 2 Gorgeous Girls, who are also inked. Love the INK!! 30 plus tatts. My Body is a Canvas for Beautiful Art.
I am a global humanitarian, animal rescuer, award winning film maker, photographer, dancer, public speaker and activist for the voiceless.
I AM THE ARTIST DA BRONX RAISED ME TO BE #ASKFORJAZZ !!!!! TATTOOS ARE LIFE .. Family is my inspiration and art is my motivation. ?????
Mama to a little wild child, ocean loving, sunset chasing, adventure loving kinda girl.