The Quarter-Finals

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Though she be but little she is fierce.
Prison / addiction and recovery YouTuber ?⛓?
I’m a down to earth, happy go lucky, aspiring tattoo model who moved from Puerto Rico and is now living in the frozen tundra of North Dakota
Superstitious woman who loves rock and roll! ?? I AM the odd ball for sure ? My profile is not like anyone else’s, unique baby ??? old soul ?
I am a mother of 5. I have overcome many struggles in my life that have built me into the strong woman that I am today!
I’m just a mom of 4 trying to show my kids to chase their dreams no matter what! YOU gotta make your dreams a reality! ✨
Thrill seeker always looking for my next adventure. Laughter makes my world go round❤️
Mom to 3 boys, business owner and nail artist!
I'm a happy, fun, tattooed country girl, mom of 3, hard worker, and who would love a chance to be in one of your magazines. Thank you!
“Don’t let anyone rent your space unless they’re a good tenant.”
Passionate, Smart, Tough, Tattoed and Harry Potter obsessed.
I go by ‘Coco’. I’m a hairstylist in Lake Wylie, SC. I guess my passion for art is expressed through my tattoos and behind the chair.
Im a 22 year old ambitious and confident woman. I love animals, art, and modeling. I wish to pursue this modeling career with you guys!
I have a gorgeous wife & 2 kids. My tattoos cover scars from abuse, while telling the story of my life from childhood to now, through art.
32, bad ass bartender, model, former fat girl, aspiring tattoo artist/comedian, music enthusiast
I am a Real Estate Broker in Washington State. I am a wife and mom. I was dealing with self esteem issues and recently lost 73 lbs. New me!!