The Quarter-Finals

Voting has ended for this round

Proud American Veteran with a big heart, but this mouth is somethin’ else. @bees.knees.b
Sexy And Inked!?Everyone’s Favorite Truck & Car Model. I Believe My Tattoos Are Artwork On A Beautiful Canvas That Needs To Be Shown Off?
46 year old Mom of three. Air Force Veteran, Stylist spiritualist healer. Decorate the vessel of that beautiful soul. Tell your story ????✌?
Lisa is a tattooed, professional singer-songwriter, from the East Coast with a Masters Degree in Special Education. Also, she can fight.
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because in the end those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.” Be kind, Be true?
Just a Saturday night personality with a Sunday morning heart with more tattoos than cares left to give.
I am a wife to a beautiful woman, a graphic designer, and soon to be tattoo artist. I’m a firm believer that life just keeps getting better
I’m dope, full of energy. Very loving and outgoing. I am very passionate and consistent when it comes to doing things that I enjoy doing.
I'm devoted to conquering my dreams. I am an ambitious woman and I'm unafraid of being bold, passionate, and fierce. I love art and tattoos.
They whispered to her “you can’t handle the storm” She whispered back “I am the Storm “
Don’t let the Ugly in Others kill the Beauty in YOU!
23 yr old mess really. Life is more fun when you’re not worried about a certain standard. I like more unpredictable chaos. And you found it.
I’m a tattoo artist in Springfield, MO! I am a strong passionate Christian that loves her body and would love to be on inked magazine!!
A small town girl, always slinging drinks, lost in her art, a book, or video games!
Funny, outgoing, sassy, open minded, caring, understanding, down to earth person.
Humble, sassy, intuitive, loving, Pisces thats always the life of the party. Hardcore music & punk rock soul. Single mom to a PERFECT boy.