The Quarter-Finals

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Hi babies! I am a Certified Psychic Medium Healer and Mental health advocate! Let’s save the world together!!
GED to PhD. Single teen mom on govt assistance and living in govt housing to college professor & homeowner. Quitting is not an option.
“Everytime I throw my leg over my motorcycle, it may be the last” I want to have fun with my time but also be able to adventure.
Simplify your life, simplify your mind, simplify your surroundings. It’s as simple as it sounds. #NOLA
Energetic, intense, passionate, driven, positive, boy mom! I'm like a phoenix. I obtain new life by burning & then I arise from the ashes!
I’m a very loving person workaholic proud mother of two girls. Bronx born(nyc) hardcore at times but will take of my shirt to give . humble
Sagittarius. Moon lover. Wife. Mother. BOSS. I love to show my true expression through fashion and ink!
Act as if what you do makes a difference... IT DOES
I'm a bass player and vocalist for a couple of bands in central Tx. I play live shows almost every weekend. Recently wrote my first song!
⚡️If you’re gonna throw the first punch, make it a good one⚡️
Devious.... Demented... & Dominant.... All with a Twist
Outgoing, nature-loving, art enthusiast. Personal happiness and self-love are life long goals, and I strive to help others achieve the same.
Real,Rare,Raw .....Reppin Da 414
I love to eat, sleep and spend time with family. Each one of my tattoos tell a story, &my story isn't over yet, so neither is my mural.
80s baby from the Chicago suburbs. Super sarcastic, too independent, positive vibes only, look mean but I’m cool af.
24 year old spa owner who loves getting tattooed, shopping, changing my hair constantly and riding my motorcycle!