The Quarter-Finals

Voting has ended for this round

I’m outgoing, driven, and head strong!! “A vision without action is just a dream” but I’m following mine and counting my blessings daily!!
Just a woman with a Gypsy soul that has big dreams to see the world.
I am a Puerto Rican woman from the Bronx, N.Y. I am the only Female Mechanic in my dealership. I am a Boxer who has competed in the ring.
I stand for change. I currently serve in the National Guard and am going to grad school at UofM and am a call of duty streamer and gamer
Southern Cali raised for the last 28 years. Bar tender. Punk rock soul. Night crawler for life.
-Educator-Villianettes Member-Traveler-Mom of 2-Lover of hot rods-Identical Twin-
Not a model, Just a 26 year old bartender and new mother from Oklahoma! I’m out here trying to make dreams come true.
I am a 38 year old mom. I am a domestic abuse survivor. A cancer survivor. I love art, writing, magic, animals, nature. I’m loving.
I don’t adapt to the energy in the room, I influence it~
“You’ll never be bored when you try something new, There’s really no limit to what you can do.” -Dr Seuss
Working mama . Love the gym and outdoors.
I’m easy going love meeting new people and always willing to help. I’m a smartass with a good attitude.
I live to help make a positive difference in the world from the inside, out.
I'm very humble. Laid back.... wild when I want to be. Fun and loving. I love trying new things and I love getting tattoos!
If Los Angeles was a person, you’re looking at her .. ? (IG : @tattedvalleygirl)
There’s more that connects us then could possibly divide us