The Quarter-Finals

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Outdoor enthusiast in all ways, living for love and laughs! My kids and my lovely are my everything. Follow my Instagram @_misskittie_ ♥️
Founder and owner of Agape Productions, beginning drummer, promoter, love cats, music and shows are a must, kind, big heart, friendly
Down to earth chick with the soul of a biker!
Tattoo artist of 15 years. Specializing in traumatic injury scar coverups. Lifetime painter. mother of 3. Love the outdoors & charity work
Respiratory Therapist, Mom of 2 and a psychology student. They say a painting is worth a thousand words and my body is covered with stories
Selfless & caring old soul with a twisted angle
Fun, classy, auntie, sassy, hard working, love to sing, love to write and draw. Tattoo therapy??
I love animals and tattoos. Smile:) and be kind
I’m outgoing, positive I love justice I’m hard worker, and friendly ☺️
I am a mother of four ,am a hard worker and I’ve always wanted to be in the Inked magazine my whole life. This is my chance so please like ❤
Latin girl, lawyer, tattooist and poledancer, nice eyes, pretty boobs and amazing tattoos. Cats and dogs's mom.
Simple girl livin In a material ? . Lil bit of devil in these hazel eyes, Lil bit of country w/ a wild side. 80s baby but the 90s raised me
Real life “greener on the other side”. There’s methods to my madness. No Rule book in life because no two books are the same.
I’m a barber, I love what I do I’m big on family & respect I have a snake and a motorcycle & I love tattoos, I’m addicted to the ink !
I’d like to say I’m a multi-faceted human. I love using my creativity and enjoy learning as much as I can about myself & the world around me
Floating through life in full color. Mermaid style ?‍♀️? Be Bold. Beautiful. Be Baddasss ?