The Quarter-Finals

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Ive always wanted to sing, act & model. My life has taken me many places. Family always comes 1st. I go above and beyond with anything I do.
Hi, I'm Kay! 45 years old, veteran, mother of five & own and operate my own business. Scroll down for pics! Instagram- Zorro_tk
Pro singing, vintage loving, dog snuggling, world traveling, volleyballing, badass mom - with a dash of southern charm! #rockstarmomlife
I’m 25 years old . I’m a national guard soldier . I am a full time student . I work at Northrop Grumman as an aircraft mechanic.
I’m not cocky I’m just confident! Easiest way to describe me..I’m from STL, a mom, ink addict and a licensed esthetician.
Hey dolls my name is Victoria Michelle I’m 26 years old I’m from Suffolk County New York. I am a ambitious and outgoing mother of two.
Young, multi-skilled artist with an old school soul. Living to surpass my own expectations, and expand horizons.✨
I love being in nature! I love my 3 kids and husband more than anything. Loyal, fun, adventurous, kind of quirky!
i am ambitious and driven. i thrive on a challenge and constantly setting goals for myself, so I have something to strive toward.
Just a young, struggling artist trynna make it.
Navy Veteran pursuing nursing, but just a small town girl wanting to travel the world.
I’m a mom of one. I work out consistently, model occasionally, adventurous, have a passion for ink and all about self love inspiration.
Bampot Bohemian Tea Pirate @bampothouseoftea. My mandala tattoos symbolize the interconnectivity of all things.
I’m a wife, and mother of 3 boys. I’m a Master Barber and a fugitive recovery bondsman. I
Laid Back Hippie with an old soul ❤️ I love animals more than people but the right people will always get the shirt off my back.
Texas girl, living In a Florida world. I love beach days, singing, dancing & all sports. Professional by day & free spirit by night.