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I am a wife and a mama of two wild boys. I am relearning to love my mind and mom body through all of the in between stages of this life.
27, Mother, Business Woman Owner of @lzpermanentmakeup in Butte, MT @lz_beautyandfitness Hustle & Motivate?? (RIP Nipsey)
Hi! I’m Dominique and I rock climb and create art! I love to workout and fitness is my passion. I have always been into art and tattoos.
Electrician , professional motorcycle driver , tattoo artist !
I’m a 42 year old tattoo junkie! I’m a cosmetologist by trade, and now also teach Barbering. My motto is everything happens for a reason! ✌
Positive vibes attract positive energy. Love yourself and always trust God's plan. My 3 kids are my world.
I own my own business and hire those in recovery or difficult backgrounds. I also started a rescue for Pit Bulls and I kickbox 2x a week
I’m Dayna and I am a fun, positive person full of life. I am 2 years happily sober and take pride in expressing myself through my ink!
I’m a small town girl from Texas! I’m 28. I’m super down to earth. I love nature & adventures. I love to play COD! I’m also an animal lover!
I am a married, mother of 2 beautiful girls. I Am an outgoing upbeat positive person. Just here for a good time.
I love being outdoors! Hunting, fishing, camping! All the above! I also love having a good time.
I’m a 32-year-old disabled, single mother of 3.I’ve been through hell & back and continue to rise from the ashes.Failure is not an option.
Hobo-chic dumpster baby. Former thrift store business owner. Creator of terrible artwork. Burrito enthusiast. Bassist, skater, ghost hunter.
I used to fight but now I’m much more of a lover than a fighter. You can catch me on the back of my horse daydreamn now or snugglin my pups.
I am 48 years old. I lost my oldest son a few years ago so, I now post selfies because he wanted me to see what he saw when he looked at me.