The Quarter-Finals

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Ink loving Sagittarius ♐️ I love fitness and being outdoors. Modeling has recently became a hobby of mine! Enjoying life and every moment ✨
I am a bartender. I am in recovery. I’m doing this to show your past does not define you and to break the stigma. We do recover.
I love weight training + futbol, shooting guns + being outdoors, and eating + cooking! :) “It is not on you, it is in you.” <Nipsey Hussle>
Spunky , thick solid w a great personality... Used to be an autism teacher n coach.. Decided during the pandemic to become a tattoo model.
Hard working family woman who loves to make others laugh. Always up for a challenge. Adores making memories with loved ones!!
Hi, I’m Michelle. I live freely, and happily. I’m spontaneous just trying to spread positivity everywhere. Taking on the world with a smile.
I'm a sweetheart who wears my heart on my sleeve. I love my family, the beach and fitness.
Love humanity and giving others HOPE or helping others prosper everyday! I am compassionate and love to watch others succeed!
I’m independent and I love love. I’ll be 59 but I’m not giving up in finding the right one. Smile, believe and be kind.
Hey guys! My name is Megan I’m 28 and I am a free spirited flowerchild. Just living and working trying to make simple dreams come true :)
I was diagnosed Jan 16 2020 with stage 2 breast cancer! I am a Breast Cancer Survivor now, A Mother of 3,a Wife, a Daughter & Entrepreneur.
I’m a tattoo artist, model and a mom of 2. Hippie soul with a big heart. Teaching my girls anything is possible if you don’t give up.?
Career and goal oriented! Determined to improve myself every year! Kindness is key. Helping women who have survived mental & physical abuse.
Grateful recovering addict that’s getting better with age! Free spirit with a passion for helping others, including the homeless. Mom of 3.
A little wild one who loves to experience life especially through art and paying it forward.
Im a 23 year old alternative cat lady! I've always loved the look of tattoos and even apprenticed at a tattoo shop for awhile.