The Quarter-Finals

Voting has ended for this round

I’m a 41 yr old, tiny Mother of 3. Alpha woman?Twin Mom ♥️ Small town Entrepreneur. Nature lover. Grateful heart. Free spirit✨
Hi I'm Mallery, fun, caring, funny, adventurous, trouble, spontaneous, smart, thoughtful. So a bundle of things.Never stop feeding your soul
Outgoing, always down to try something new, hard working, fun, bartender on Beale street in Memphis, student, aspiring athletic trainer
“My tattoos give me confidence; but tattooing has given me purpose.” Tattoo artist in Humboldt, Iowa.
I will never fit in, that’s one of my best qualities. Cali girl, born and raised, adventure seeking, tattoo loving, mommy of 3.
A Montana native, mother of boys, creative soul❤️ I am by nature an introvert which shocks people! Lover of being different.
Just a woman trying to live out my dreams!
Too Blessed To Be Stressed & Too Grateful To Be Hateful ✨ | IG: acloudybae
Cool calm collected. Single mom of a 5 year old boy. Home owning independent women. Quoting movies are my thing. Car/bike enthusiast.
I'm a 25 year old beginning tattoo artist. Single mom of a perfect 4 year old boy. My life is dedicated to my child and my art passion.
Pure Blyss! I’m 23 & a tattoo artist based in Chicago! It’s a blessing to receive this opportunity & I appreciate everyone who votes for me!
I am a ocean loving momma to 5. I love whatever life has for me. I found me and I’m determined to help other women accept themselves.
I’m outgoing, love doing photos it’s a confidence booster for a mom of 3.
Just another small town country girl! I'm a single mama, aspiring Chef and trades worker with a big heart & tattoo addiction!
Athletic nerd,auntie, undercover badass with a sarcastic, loving personality. Classics cars,motorcycles,guns,gaming are my hobbies.
Be the best you can until you know better. When you know better, do better.