Group Stage

Who will be the next tattooed model to appear on the cover of Inked Magazine? One stunning goddess will receive an exclusive tattoo session with Ryan Ashley, join celebrity photographer Christopher Kolk, land the cover feature, and take home $25,000!

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. Marilyn Monroe
I love ink! What more can I say!? So with that, I’d love to be on the cover to express myself and other thick women! ❤️
To promote more self beautiful trans women out there. To be an inspiration to others so others may achieve their goals and stay brave
I have a big passion for ink and would love to share mine with others.
Who wouldn’t wanna be a goddess for a day? Or sit in Ryan’s chair? +down payment on a house & vacation from work/school. Thanks for voting!
It would be such a dream because I have always loved the art of tattoos as a form of expression. I would love opportunity to shine.
I’m a big fan of inked and it has been a dream of mine since I was young to be on the cover and I want to rock my tattoos
This would definitely help boost my self confidence. And to also let girls know, you don't have to look perfect to be pictured.
My love for tattoos and art helped me find who I am and learn to love even the darkest parts of myself.
Rockin the cover of Inked Mag not only fulfills a personal accomplishment. It fuels my passion to empower others self-confidence & sexuality
Nothing in your past defines the future & you can break free from anything
I just want a cool tattoo or this experience on my resume.I always wanted to be a model and people told me I would be a good one. Vote 4 me💕
To be apart of such an iconic name and movement would be such a great experience and I would bring my uniqueness forward
Cause I love ink and it's time for a new one.
I want to show off my ink to the world and tell them that your body is just a canvas waiting to tell your story
Tattoos are a beautiful form of self expression and it would be a dream come true to be on the cover of inked magazine
I love tattoos and actually wanted to be an artist. I drew a little and i am very imaginitive. also I am open to almost anything.
I want to show off how you don't have to be covered in tattoos, to be on the cover!
Because everyone should know they beautiful I'm their own way tatted not but your heart matters the most and if you show it it shows you
I love tattoos and want more so badly just need to make some more money for em, i think it'd be such a cool opportunity.
It would be a dream come true to be on the cover of Inked Magazine to me because I'm a stay at home mom and if I can you can.
I would love to rock the cover of ink magazine because I've been obsessed with tattoo since a little girl.
I would love to rock the cover because I can honestly say, it would be amazing. Not only to be on the cover, but to rock being a boss babe!
Something I've been interested in for many years
Ive always had such a passion for modeling and for tattoos, and I believe it is such a character of empowerment!
My family could really use the 25,000!!!! Id love to be to a martyr for my family, lol. Especially a tatted martyr!
I’ve always wanted to be a model, growing up I was a baby model but it never took off now my new passion is the camera and body modification
I want a tattoo so bad I have one on my arm and a ring on my hand. I want a blue butterfly and King Arthur sword ?? infinity
I have always wanted to proceed my dream in modeling. I would love to express and show all the beautiful styles,cultures, and fashion trends
I just think it would be the raddest thing ever! Something I am working for.
I would love to rock the cover of an inked magazine because I think women with tattoos deserve to feel as beautiful as models without
Because ink magazine is the place we find hope in a world of people wanting to look like everyone else. It shows us to be individuals.
it would be an amazing opportunity and a chance to expand my knowledge on tattoos/modeling and an excuse to get even more inked up
Being 21 and having such large pieces, I want to showcase my artist and my artwork
I love the tattoo world, an love tattoos myself. I have 13 so far, an I'm not done. It's my therapy!!
I love tattoos and modeling
What an incredible opportunity to be a canvas to highlight the work of this amazingly talented artist!
My family always told me I can’t because I don’t know how to do anything. But now I can show them I can do what I love.
I think I would rock this cover because I love tattoos and my inspiration for them are out of this world
I think this would be an awesome opportunity
The opportunity would be exciting and different! Plus I already have an ego the size of Texas, so I would definitely have fun.
I've been wanting this my whole life and for everyone to see that I'm 3 years sober and going on and will never let anyone make deci
It would be an amazing and liberating experience after giving birth to my first child and working hard to be comfortable in my skin
It would be fun, I love tattoos, and my winnings would go toward tattoos and a house
I'd love to rock the cover of inked magazine because I grew up loving the show and As a plus size woman I want to show the beauty of us too.
I always found tattoos a way to Express my self and my art I have a few but its my dream to be covered and I make a pretty fresh canvas
I'm a single mother, I raise my children alone and I'm looking for an opportunity to give them a better life through my work