Who will be the next Inked Cover Girl?

Radiant, Resilient, Inked.

One tattooed model will be featured on the cover of Inked, win $25,000, fly to the Bahamas on a private jet for a photoshoot, and receive an exclusive tattoo session with Ryan Ashley.

the feature

Inked Magazine

Inked, a vibrant tapestry of body art and culture, invites readers into a world where self-expression knows no boundaries. Showcasing riveting stories and inked masterpieces, the publication has featured icons like Kat Von D, Rihanna, Megan Fox, and soon, the 2024 Inked Cover Girl.

The Destination

Bahamian Bliss

For the first time ever, the 2024 Inked Cover Girl will board a luxurious private jet bound for a hidden oasis in the Bahamas. Amidst the secluded paradise, she will bask in a breathtaking photoshoot destined for the cover of Inked.

Featured Artist

Ryan Ashley

Ryan Ashley is notorious for making history when she became the first female tattoo artist to win the hit TV show “Ink Master.” With a background in the fashion industry, Ryan specializes in black and gray designs with intricate beadwork, jewels, and lace detail. Her signature, realistic style is seriously mind-blowing.

Artist’s Pick

This year, top competing models can turn their dream tattoo into reality by submitting their desired design concept. Celebrity artist Tatu Baby will choose one entry to fly out for an exclusive 2-day tattoo session in Miami.

Featured Artist

Tatu Baby

Kat Flores, aka Tatu Baby, is a renowned tattoo artist from Miami, FL, who rose to fame on "Ink Master" for her unique realism style. She started tattooing professionally at age 19 and quickly became a respected figure in the industry, tattooing celebrities like Karol G., Jason Derulo, and Rick Ross.

The Experience

What's it Like?

From dreamy destinations to feeling pampered and celebrated, the Inked Cover Girl radiates confidence near and far. The photoshoot experience is a celebration of individuality, honoring not just her beauty but the captivating tale woven into her ink.

The Host

Jessica Wilde

Jessica Wilde catapulted into the modeling scene by gracing the cover of Inked magazine in 2015. Since then, she has emerged as one of the industry's most influential tattooed models. Jess possesses an irresistible charm and is not just a model; she's also a published author of her memoir, Going Wilde.


Since 2018, Inked Cover Girl has proudly donated every year to help support music professionals in need. MusiCares® is a nonprofit organization that provides relief for music industry professionals who are struggling with addiction or health issues, or require emergency assistance. We are thrilled to support the music community with another donation to MusiCares® at the end of the 2024 competition!

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