The Quarter-Finals

Voting has ended for this round

I would consider myself to be a very bubbly fun and humble girl that happens to love tattoos! I appreciate art so much and enjoy modeling!
I am a creative, empowered woman who loves to show off my body and my art. I love to create and find the beauty in the details of life
Inspired mom of 5 to be the best person I can be. Grateful for every day.
My name is Jayme, I’m 27, 5 foot 2 and full of attitude! I love tattoos and really any form of body art to express yourself
I’m 29 Proud mother of four beautiful kids I love tattoos the world of art is how I describe it ♥️
I'm a horror/alternative model in the PNW and the founder of the Deadly Darlings. My hobbies are photography, spfx makeup & rollerderby.
I'm 30 years old Born and Raised in Denver Co. I'm outgoing loving and very outspoken. Most would say I express myself through my ink.
Driven Hard working mom. Passionate, creative, deep thinker. I strive for balance and to see the beauty in life.
I am a military woman driven by adrenaline, always searching for new challenges.
In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
We have this Hope as an Anchor for our souls, strong and secure. I’m a single mom, business owner, tattoo collector Jesus freak, musician ?
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.-Wayne Gretzky” -Michael Scott
INK I ADORE ... just that simple...
I am a mother of a 10 month old. Happily married and I've been sober over 4 years and proud of that.
Tattooed mom of 3. Scorpio, spicey when needed.
My one wish is that my family and the people that I love remain healthy and happy because they are my world.