The Quarter-Finals

Voting has ended for this round

I’m just a Lebanese American gal, trying to leave a positive imprint on this world ❤️
I'm short, loud, and annoying. I work in a tattoo shop full time as a body piercer. I love to make music. Oh and shake and bake.
Small town girl who has a kind generous soul. Wears her heart on her sleeve. Has big dreams and wants to do good in the world.
I am a self taught tattoo artist since I was 16 years old I now own my own shop in Cortez Co. I have 2 kids and been married for 10 years.
I'm a busy mom/pharmacy tech & enjoy workout & enjoy watching serial killer shows on my free time! Always thinking about my next tattoo ❤
I’m a fitness and nutrition coach with a doggy sidekick, who really misses Disneyland, and just started a podcast about books for fun! :)
Drummer, gamer, model. I love going on adventures and I have an obsession with tattoos and horror movies!
Visual Artist who captures expression of the environment, community and female empowerment. Mother, Warrior and lover of ink.
I’m Ehily, I’m an emergency room nurse and nurse practitioner. Passionate about animals, video games, tattoos, romance, pizza, and cars.
32. Goofy, love to cook. Love to go out to eat. Major foodie. Love my 2 big doggies Jack and Sally (great dane and a pitty). ?
Never stop doing your best at everything you do, be kind to yourself and others, and lead with your heart, always. ❤️
I love all things unique, the quirkier, the better! I got my first tattoo at 18 years old and so began my life long love affair with ink.
Fun, adventurous, tattoo loving wife ❤ Doing the most I can in life!
Spunky and energetic. Licensed cosmetologist who loves spending time with her babies, cooking and gaming.
luscious blue eyed blondie, loves to be infront of the camera. Killer eyes that keep you hooked, sexy body filled with impressive ink work
It’s important to do something now that your future self will thank you for! Anything worth having in life takes dedication & passion!