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Strong, driven, 6ft tall, active, educated and grateful single Mom. 6 years in recovery, creating a life I'm proud of. ? IG: beccarose_207
Hi everyone ! I’m Merissa, 26, just graduated with two degrees with honors! You know what they say... once you get one.. you’re addicted !
50 year old paralegal. Single Mother of a 15 year old daughter. Love working out, hiking, walking, and spending time with friends & family.
Hardworking single mom from Northern BC. Health coach, sex and relationship coach, lounge manager and online creator. Tattoo collector.
I am a southern raised, free spirited tattoo artist. I spent my life preparing for being a professional artist and now exploring modeling
??! ?’? ??? ?? ??????: ????? ??????? ??????? ?♥️ ?MI| Insta: jkimbrue
I find art in every aspect of life, my tattoos are inspired by pain, love, growth and accomplishments. Self love is my strongest attribute.
I am a trusting important risk-taking woman confidently taking charge of my spectacular life NOW
I’m a single mom of 3 kids, my Oldest is 20, middle is 7 and my youngest is 2. I’ve been a stylist at the same salon for 15 years
Anh, french (but native of Vietnam), 29, model & photographer, crazy about art, nature & cooking.
Hi my name is Kayle, I’m 25 years old. Born and raised in California. I love tattoos, live concerts, and getting caught in the rain!
spooky bitch. lover of horror, dogs, plants, bees, pho, & all things spicy. extroverted introvert. music is my love language. be kind.
5’1”, 115lb, Self Tattooed, Married, Mother of 1. Michigan, 27, Pursuing an ABA, while working my butt off& living my best life. @brat.get
Once you're solid nothing can break you. Believe in yourself!
I’m a hardworking 29 year old from GA! I’m a sfx makeup artist and a mother to 4 beautiful children. Becoming Inked Cover Girl is my dream!
I’m a RAD ER Nurse and Veteran! I jump out of airplanes, hike and volunteer with local PD to combat human trafficking. Coffee, tats, gym!