The Quarter-Finals

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I am the UK Rock Artist Indya. I write music for a living. I'm glam royalty rock n roll with a big heart. I love life & everyone in it x
I am a salon owner, stylist, wife, and mother of 5. I love that my creative career will allow me to eventually be covered in tattoos.
I’m Ahrika (Erika) from Las Vegas! I’m a down to earth Virgo who loves dogs & meeting new people! One of the sweetest girls you’ll meet.
Mother of 3 boys.. my dragons ? Amateur mma fighter.? Little hippie, little hood? Perfectly Imperfect ?
Sped para, mother of 5, about to marry my prince! Workout junkie, martial artist enthusiast, small business owner with my man!
Be grateful, be kind, and reach beyond a doubt and be extraordinary. @maggie_lapan
Mom. Wife. Human. I am an adventurous, independent, jack of all trades type of woman. I am a complete enigma.
Live life free. Be you. Always be positive and do the right thing. The beauty and good in the world is worth it.
Hey! My name is Kristina Taylor and I'm a tattoo artist from Belarus. Tattoos are my life. I found salvation in the art and self-expression
Jeannie Beans the"Watercolor Queen" Tattoo artist, body Piercer, and reiki practicioner
I am a 24 year old from a small town. I have 3 kiddos and a fiance. Run an all things art business and just tryna make something of myself.
Since I was little , I have dreamed of being a model .. growing up I told myself that I would love to be part of a tattoo magazine !
Puerto Rican ?? Dominican ?? College student ? Bartender ?? Proud mami ??‍?❤ Born in the Boogie down Bronx ⏭?South Carolina ??
I’d rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea.
24. Leo. 5”2. 5”3 on a good day. My life story could make a great selling book one day if I ever decide to share.
I'm a beauty from Illinois!!! I think bare skin is unexplored canvas.