The Quarter-Finals

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Hi! My name is Melynda Treu. Live being pretty on the inside, take all the chances, help others when you can, love BIG, never give up ❤️
“Badass sweetheart” I find love, passion, elegance and admiration for tattoos and beauty.
I am Puertorrican ??, live in Florida. I am a entrepreneur, love art , having fun , trying new things in life.
The real girl next door.
Curvy, nerdy, tattooed and happy! Badass mom of 3 badass kids. Love everything I see.
Navy veteran. I live for taking my dogs on adventures, going to concerts is my favorite hobby & every tattoo I have has a story or meaning.
DETROIT MI tattoo collector 18+ years/100+ hours of ink! 5’7” 36F-26-40, 80 lbs lost ⏬ via meditation, strength training & vegetarian diet.
Heyy I’m Celeste! Small town girl from Michigan that absolutely does not fit in, but who likes fitting in?
I am an athletic, strong willed, high vibrational woman.I enjoy lifting other people up.I want all of us to win in life! @weightlifting_yogi
I'm pretty like a pinup, but I curse like a sailor! Tattoos, music, makeup & more tattoos. ???
Hi, my name is Carly. I’m 32 years old & I’m an apprentice lineman (I work on power lines). I’m into cars, trucks, & motorcycles
Lover of Rock, Hater of Pants
I am a fun loving, happy, energetic tattooed woman. I am a tattoo artist and love art and creating!
We all have a Story! I am a small town big hearted sarcastic outspoken spit fire baker who has a love for football, outdoors, and music!
Fun,loving,easygoing ,totally down to earth . Love my family and friends. A stylist! caring and empathetic .strong , honest and independent
Small town girl